Our Clients

Because we care about abandoned ones, here is your new companion.

In a world getting more and more complex, it is sometimes necessary to come back to original and simple values. ALTO© is a true mobile phone designed for seniors, impaired (sight, hearing, memory…) as well as for illiterate people.

The proposed features are combining up-to-date technology and ease of use. Bringing a voice guide together with a simplified user interface, the ALTO© mobile phone will definitely be a strong partner enabling your communication.

ALTO II is a mobile phone dedicated to persons having difficulties to make use of mobile phones without surrendering to main functions useful to everybody looking for simplicity.

Ergonomische Profile


Client #7 (Age > 90)

Issues: Technology barrier, Understanding
Specifications: TTS, Visual manual, Menu Access, Simplicity


Client #6 (AVC)

Issues: Memory, Alarm, Falls
Specifications: Cradle, SOS, Robustness


Client #5 (Blindness, Macula type)

Issues: Touch, Voice aid, Texts
Specifications: TTS, Feeling, Voice aid


Client #4 (Deafness)

Issues: sound, visual aid
Specifications: audio > 60Db, color, large characters


Client #3 (Alzheimer Phase 1)

Issues: autonomy, location, remembering
Specifications: TTS, large battery, color, cradle


Client #2 (Parkinson)

Issues: size, falls, alarm.
Specifications: surfacing, Easy SOS access, Connexions


Client #1 (Arthritis)

Issues: grip, touch, weight.
Specifications: surfacing, caoutchouc touch type, round shape