content content What type of plug is delivered with the mobile phone ALTO II?

The mobile phone ALTO II is endowed of plug of type C suiting practically the whole Europe and most countries in the world. For U.S. and U.K. country specific adapters are shipped with the phone.

content content May I go on a journey without the console?

Yes, the power cable can connect directly to the device without having to take the console (cradle) with one.

content content Does the battery last for a long time?

In sleep mode up to 5 days. In communication mode practically up to 300 minutes. You can assure constant maximum charge of the battery if you park you ALTO II phone in the cradle / charging console.

Ecology and recycling

content content Where can we bring back used batteries?

Batteries could be brought back by approved selling points or sent to GoldGMT directly.

content content What about the packaging?

All our packaging are whether recyclable or biodegradable.


content content Is the screen in color?

The mobile phone ALTO II possesses a high-resolution color screen, allowing as well legibility by very sunny weather conditions.

content content Why is the mobile phone ALTO II so ‘heavy’?

The lightness is not adapted to the problems met by most of the disabled and/or old persons; the handling is an important element. Therefore ALTO II’s weight has been specially adapted to get the satisfying grip.

content content Why such “silk and gum” type of painting?

The mobile phones of the market are generally too slippery and slide in the hand of the users. The painting of the mobile phone ALTO II was specially conceived to avoid sudden skids or fall.


content content How is made the management of the SOS?

All the keys can work as an alarm as far as the user rests more 3 seconds. The mobile phone ALTO II allows the management of 3 emergency telephone numbers which works in waterfall.

content content Is there a function of pills calendar or alarms?

Yes. You can define up to 30 reminders on the phone ALTO II.

content content May I receive or send MMS?

You have the possibility of receiving MMS message but ALTO II is not able to visualize embedded photos or videos. You are also not able to compose or send multimedia messages.

content content May I receive or send SMS with my companion?

The mobile phone ALTO II is capable of sending and of receiving written messages (SMS). Furthermore, the mobile phone ALTO II supports you composing a new message with vocal guidance. Received text messages will be spoken by the text-to-speech function of the phone ALTO II.

content content What is the Memory capacity?

The mobile phone ALTO II can register 100 contacts, 200 text messages and the last 50 calls.

content content Is it compatible with hearing aids?

Yes the mobile phone ALTO II is compatible with International standards M3 and T3. Those standards define the degree of electromagnetic and electrostatic compatibility with the hearing aids of the market.

content content Is it equipped with a Bluetooth connection?

The mobile phone ALTO II has no Bluetooth’s connection. The action of pairing two devices is a complex operation and a not requested so far by our users.

content content Is it equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System)?

The mobile phone ALTO II is not equipped with a GPS system.

content content Is It equipped with a camera?

No. The camera becomes again an obstacle as an increase in complexity for certain persons.

content content Why the mobile phone ALTO II does not possess voice recognition?

Voice recognition is not supported by the processor of the phone itself but by external services in the cloud. Such services require mobile data connection. The majority of our clients do not use mobile contracts with such mobile data support.

content content What is a TTS (Text-to-Speech)?

The Text-to-Speech is a system of immediate oral reading of texts. The mobile phone ALTO II is endowed with this system to help the persons in the apprehension or in the learning phase of the mobile phone.

General questions

content content What languages are available?

At present ALTO II supports 6 languages: French, English, Italian, German, Dutch and Spanish.

content content Where does the ALTO II mobile phone work?

The mobile phone ALTO II is endowed with a module GSM Quad band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz); that means everywhere where a GSM’s mobile network is available so practically worldwide.

content content Is there a more detailed manual of the mobile phone ALTO II?

Yes. The complete and detailed manual can be downloaded from our website. According to our ecological charter, we consider that the simplified manual is enough for 90 % of the users, but certain more advanced functions are in this manual.

content content Is it functional with any SIM card?

The telephone ALTO II is generally sold as a free SIM card device (unlocked), and is compatible with any SIM cards of the market including prepaid cards.  microSIM cards will need an adapter. Certain operators are distributing the ALTO II with locked SIM card.

content content What are the countries of distribution?

The mobile phone ALTO II is distributed in all the countries of the zone Europe, in America, in Asia and also Australia.

content content Where may I get myself a telephone ALTO II?

The mobile phone ALTO II is available directly on on-line sale on our web shop. You can also find it in specialized stores and distribution networks (to see list of retailers and official distributors.

content content What is the typical profile of a mobile phone ALTO II user?

The mobile phone ALTO II is mainly dedicated to a person who wishes a very easy to use telephone; it is particularly advisable in seniors but also in persons affected by various handicaps (seen, hearing, physics, etc.). It is noted that several professionals – manual labors as an example – likes the concept of a strong telephone and with big touch. Its colors are also appreciated by young people as a first hand with a mobile phone.

After-sales service

content content Can the software of the mobile phone ALTO II been updated?

Yes, ALTO II can be updated to the latest firmware id appropriate.  The update can be done by Gold GMT Service partners or by approved selling points.

content content What accessories are available?

Accessories are: extra battery, charging station (cradle), USB power cable, charger and adapters.

content content Can we get accessories?

Accessories are sold through retailers and/or distributors

content content What is the warranty?

The mobile phone ALTO II is guaranteed 2 years according to the CE standards. In case of problem, please refer to the repair centers.